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When buying and selling with Part Part Rent Solutions are solicitors still involved?

Absolutely. Your deposit will go through the solicitors and all agreements regarding the price, and the set monthly payments will all be explained and arranged through them.

Do I have to be a UK resident?

No. You just have to provide enough information to support your intention to pay the agreed monthly amount for the duration of the agreed term.

How do I go from renting to buying?

You can do this at any point within the agreed period by letting us know in writing. We then assist you in getting a mortgage deal, showing the mortgage lender your payment history, so they can see that you are easily able to handle repayments. (Which is why it’s key that you don’t miss any payments and why standing orders are a requirement)

How do I get to see the properties?

Our aim is a more personal service so we send out an information sheet to all who have registered with us, which they can review and go over at their leisure. We would then send invites to an open day so you can look around the property in full, and decide if you would like to move forward and move in. (In some cases it’s possible to move in within weeks)


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