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Sep 14 /

Sell A Home, Secure A Home

**Homeowners: Trying to sell an empty house? Even if it is in negative equity, click here**

For many people, buying a house usually means saving up a sizeable deposit, and so Part Buy Part Rent Schemes (also known as ‘Rent to Buy’, ‘Shared Equity’ or ‘Shared Ownership’) have become quite widespread over the years.

If you are new to Part Buy Part Rent, please go ahead and download our free report for families and individuals who are thinking about Part Buy Part Rent Schemes, so you can see how our approach to part buy part rent is geared towards helping you own 100% of the property and could be a better option for you in the long run.

Looking at some of the forums, you’ll come across discussions about some pro’s and con’s of standard part buy part rent schemes, but whatever your situation, all you want to do is own a property and that’s what we want to help you to do.

There are several benefits with our system, and here are just three:

  • We focus on helping you own 100% not just 30%-40%
  • Your rent does not change for the whole period
  • You put up a much lower ‘deposit’ to move in and get started


Does this sound good to you? Do you think you know someone who might find this interesting and want to find out more?

Download and read our free report to find out how this way of buying a house, where you actually rent to own the property, could be the key to ending your frustration with the high deposits required in today’s property market.

Free Part Buy Part Rent Report | Own 100%



We simply want to see if we can help buy a house using a part buy part rent system where you own 100% of the property in the end, instead of the more common 25%-40%.

And one more thing that you might find interesting is you don’t need a mortgage to get started…

Registration is free and with absolutely no obligation. Click here to continue…

** Previously Offered Property: 3 Bed House/Villa in Denure, Ayr for sale **